March 14, 2016

As part of the firm’s most recent restructuring exercise, Anthony Gold has invested in BigHand’s task delegation tool, BigHand Now, to remove paper-based processes, increase the visibility of tasks across teams and improve the prioritisation and allocation of work. All of which have combined to save money and time, whilst improving staff satisfaction.

Until 2015 Anthony Gold was operating with a traditional Fee-Earner to Secretary ratio, with Authors sending their Dictations, bookings, matter setup, printing and postal work to the secretaries and any general administration work to the back office. With continuous growth in mind, the firm undertook an exercise to streamline this process to become more efficient and gain maximum benefit from the wide range of skills within its administrative team. In addition, Anthony Gold set out to remove its historic, paper-based process of allocating tasks to individuals and teams.

Restructuring for optimal performance

John O’Connor, Head of IT at Anthony Gold, comments: “We wanted to create a new way of working, with Authors sending Dictations to a newly formed Document Production team. Admin tasks like billing, compliance information gathering and diary management to team assistants and room bookings, taxi bookings, printing, postal work, client /matter inceptions and compliance to a Business Admin team. We chose BigHand Now as a task delegation tool to help us achieve this.”

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