September 01, 2015

The future of fee-earning, says Lee Hanley, Charles Russell’s IT director, is a more independent fee earner whose dictation is carried out by technology, rather than secretaries.

Today’s secretaries are needed for higher value activities, such as filling PA-style roles, but freeing them up means finding a cost effective dictation alternative. Enter speech recognition. It’s not a new concept, but its level of capability is fairly new – it’s now able to deliver strategic value to a law firm.

In an article first published in the December 2013 edition of Briefing magazine, Hanley reveals the firm’s journey with speech recognition. The details show how BigHand Speech Recognition assisted Charles Russell in:

  • reforming its secretary to-fee earner cost ratio while;
  • extending support further into the firm, and;
  • helping turn secretaries into higher-value resources to the business.

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