Ensure safe, efficient transfer of care

Patients within the healthcare system often interact with multiple HCPs throughout their course of treatment - and it's our challenge to guarantee a safe, secure transfer of care and efficient correspondence between departments.

Time pressures are more intense, as shown in the Transfer of Care initiative, meaning you're expected to deliver faster care than ever before.

BigHand's secure, automated solutions help tackle the challenges of the UK healthcare market. We've created a suite of configurable solutions that help your clinicians be more productive and improve communication, from digital dictation software to correspondence and document creation tools.

Our solutions are all about efficiency, security and compliance, ensuring turnaround times of everything from dictations and transcriptions to the formatting of compliant documents are minimal. That’s why our solutions are currently in the hands of around 40,000 different users across 70 NHS Trusts, private hospitals and GP practices across the UK.

Face your challenges head on with BigHand for Healthcare.

...And that’s exactly what we aim to do with BigHand for Healthcare

Improve operational efficiency

By reducing your team's backlog of admin work, consultants, clinicians and support staff are free to focus on higher-priority tasks and delivering the best possible patient care.

Dictate quicker and more effectively than ever

Consultants and clinicians can quickly dictate their voice notes wherever they are, and add it into the digital workflow stream ready for support staff to pick up and action immediately.

Designed around your needs

BigHand for Healthcare has been designed and developed with input from those who have previously worked in Healthcare, to address the specific needs of your sector.

"Only when the whole workforce has the chance to fulfil their potential can the health and care system operate at its best"

Matt Hancock, UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Making Big Happen in the healthcare sector