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The Legal Cash Flow Report
The latest law firm cash flow and profitability trends, from over 800 legal finance leaders from law firms of over 100 lawyers in the US and UK.

Following on from the Pricing and Budgeting report, this report is focused on law firm cash flow trends, including:

  • Aged WIP vs Aged Debt / AR and law firm priorities to reduce working capital
  • People and profitability – how law firms are building commercial cultures
  • Identified areas of cash flow leakage affecting profits
  • Financial data visibility and business intelligence technology

What's in the report?

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction: The New Commercial Realities of Law
  • Section One: What Contributes to Profit Leakage and How to Control It?
  • Section Two: Causes of Inventory/Lock-Up and How to Manage it
  • Section Three: Strategies to Improve Collections and Realization
  • Section Four:  Committing to People and Processes to Create Cultural Change
  • Section Five: Investing in Technology to Transform Profit Visibility
  • Conclusion: Improving Cash Realization through Client Value


Download The Legal Cash Flow Report above.

Download the full report above.