Safeguarding Law Firm Profitability in a Hybrid Environment with Effective Workflow Management
BigHand partnered with ALPMA to survey 50 senior Operations, HR, Secretarial Services and Practice Group Leader roles, across Australia and New Zealand regarding current workflow trends between lawyers and support staff. The findings give a view into the current legal landscape as firms adapt to more a flexible working model.

What's in the report?

Staff turnover – amongst both fee earners and support staff – has hit unprecedented levels. Law firms report having to turn down work due to lack of resources and employees are demanding flexible working. Meanwhile, law firms are pushing for a return to the office. But would firms be more open to flexible working if the right technology and processes were in place? Are firms also jeopardising long term profitability by failing to adapt to the new hybrid working model? 

In this report, we share data gathered from 50 legal management professionals, from law firms in Australia and New Zealand. Topics include:

  • The Rise of Hybrid Working
  • Data and Technology
  • The Legal Support Staff Shift

Download the full report above.

Download the full report above.