BigHand SmartNote Datasheet

A powerful modular add-on, boost your day-to-day admin efficiencies and automate more with BigHand SmartNote. Your teams may be wasting hundreds of valuable hours producing and managing routine documents like file and attendance notes. Regulatory bodies like the Solicitors Regulatory Authority require organisations like yours to keep up to date records of all client interactions, which leaves your support staff the lengthy task of documenting everything in detail, repeatedly, week on week.

These documents are rarely revisited, which makes time spent managing them an even greater waste of resources. Best practice needs to be followed, but can be difficult to balance with operational administrative overheads. Relieve your support teams of the burden of manually filing hundreds of simple documents, and allow them to focus on more profitable tasks. BigHand SmartNote adds automatic document creation and storage to your workflows, removing the need for user intervention, making your processes seamless and more efficient.

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