Our product offering is much more than simple digital dictation

Over the past 18 years BigHand has evolved to deliver so much more than digital dictation.

We have listened to the needs of our clients and prospects enabling us to deliver unique, innovative, productivity-enhancing software to busy time-focused professionals, saving time and money.

In addition to our desk top digital dictation software we also provide:

Our software and service helps law firms to be more efficient by ensuring that authors can easily create documents and assign tasks to be done by the most appropriate resource for the job, anytime, anywhere. Our system also empowers support staff for fast and more efficient document turnaround through the use of a comprehensive workflow, prioritisation and management suite.

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Key features: 

  • Record, edit and send digital dictations to your assistant or pool of support staff
  • Prioritise urgent work or set alerts to ensure important items get expedited
  • Attach documents or important links to dictations
  • Track the live progress of work you have assigned to individuals or teams
  • Mobilise professionals by using BigHand for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, or BigHand Go for iPad
  • Share dictations and tasks with central admin resources, maximising internal capacity
  • Convert voice-to-text automatically using Speech Recognition tools
  • Enable seamless routing of marked up documents to administrative resources
  • Outsource dictation securely to a transcription agency
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