Our mobility software enables professionals to work on the go

Our Mobility Suite offers a wide range of mobile working options with the end goal of allowing your users to work anywhere, anytime.

From telephony and email submission to fully-integrated smartphone and tablet apps, we can find a solution to any remote dictation submission problem. Together with our comprehensive Citrix and Windows Terminal Client support, BigHand ensures that your voice recordings reach the office workflow quickly and securely, regardless of where you are working.

Our native Smartphone and Tablet applications cover:

  • BlackBerry® & BlackBerry 10®
  • Apple iPhone®
  • Apple iPad®
  • Google Android™
  • Windows Phone®

These applications feature advanced functions such as insert record, document and photo attachment, document approval, camera usage, and synchronisation with the central server, allowing an author to track all their work regardless of how it has been submitted. 

Commercial Benefits of Mobility

Maximise time: all professionals continue working from home or while travelling even if access to the office or office systems becomes unavailable.

Increase efficiency: improves the length of time it takes to turn around work which in turn improves the speed of response to clients.

Manage workloads: authors have visibility of work and are able to track their work while away from the office.

Compatible with other systems: our mobility offering works with third party data systems such as DMS, CMS, PMS and CRM.

Ease of use: by using the profiling option in BigHand Go, professionals can easily send dictations through anytime, anywhere ensuring a consistent workflow.

Empowerment: professionals can work smarter, be more responsive to clients and ultimately more profitable.

Business Continuity: even if access to the office is not possible, users still have a seamless way to get work submitted.


We are an Elite Level Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Member of the Blackberry Alliance Program

We released the world's first true enterprise voice productivity system for BlackBerry in 2007 and have been building upon this foundation ever since. The BigHand application for your BlackBerry smartphone is tried and tested.

Support includes BES and BIS platforms, and all the latest BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry Operating Systems.

Key features:

  • Advanced functionality with live status tracking
  • Updates with synchronisation
  • One-click recording
  • Insert/overwrite record mode
  • Attach emails, photos and documents to dictations
  • Review returned documents on-the-go
  • Secure at all levels from media encryption to ability to deploy passwords from BES
  • Multiple priority options


Our software enables professionals to use their Android phones to create, prioritise and send dictations

BigHand for Android enables you to record dictations on smartphones running the Android operating system. You can submit dictations instantly into BigHand where advanced workflows, Speech Recognition and/or support staff can process the work, helping you get more done, anytime, anywhere.

We support a variety of Android devices and are constantly updating our support to keep up with the latest devices.

Key features:

  • Easy to record, edit and navigate dictations
  • Optionally profile documents to track progress easily
  • Add Speech Recognition integration module so you can quickly convert your voice to text
  • Take photos and attach them to dictations
  • Sync work list to see live status updates
  • Set priorities and workflows
  • Review document from email notification
  • Background processing

Windows Phone

We created the first enterprise voice dictation app for the Windows Phone on the Windows 8 platform.

The app's design is in-keeping with the Windows 8 operating platform, including its tile design lay-out and 'horizontal flick' technology for navigating through active apps.

The application enables you to instantly record dictations and track the progress of submitted work directly from your Windows Phone, enabling you to get more work done, no matter where you are.

Key features:

  • Tile design for all dictation statuses
  • Statuses: All, Unsent, Pending, In Progress, Completed, Sending
  • Tiles can be 'pinned' to the home screen
  • Automatic tile (i.e. work list) sync from home screen
  • Quick record from home screen
  • Priority selection and advanced workflows
  • Full priority sync (including 'Due By' time stamp)
  • Profile a dictation and attach a picture
  • Speech Recognition integration support

Apple iPhone

BigHand for iPhone enables you to seamlessly create and submit dictations to the BigHand workflow.

The functionality available includes insert/overwrite recording, photo attach, live work list synchronisation and voice-to-text integration. Our iPhone app has been specially designed for busy professionals so you can get more done on-the-go.

We build software based on innovation, feature-rich functionality, and usability. BigHand for iPhone benefits from many years of consulting and feedback gained from our client-base. Our aim is to develop mobile voice productivity applications that empower professionals and allow them to work remotely.

Key features:

  • Record, edit and navigate your recordings
  • Optionally profile your documents to track progress easily
  • Convert voice-to-text when your BigHand system is integrated with Speech Recognition
  • Sync your work list to see live updates
  • Set priorities and workflows
  • Review documents from your notifications

Apple iPad

We extended our mobility offering by creating the first ever digital dictation and document approval app specifically designed for the iPad.

BigHand Go is the first digital dictation application developed specifically for the iPad, and is the most advanced digital dictation tool on the market. This iOS app is designed to enable you to get more done whilst on-the-go, leveraging advanced workflow and profiling features, anytime, anywhere.

Key features:

  • Record, edit and track your recordings
  • Optionally profile your documents to track progress easily
  • Sync your work list to see live updates
  • See who is working on your dictation at any given time (total visibility of work)
  • Set custom priorities and bespoke workflows
  • Review and approve/reject documents and add notes
  • Send dictations while the application is minimised
  • Track your team's workload (if configured)
  • Take photos and attach
  • Send dictations to advanced workflows
  • Profile documents
  • Review and approve documents
  • Open and use email attachments in BigHand Go
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