Dictate and manage your tasks

The voice is a much more efficient way to record data than manually typing, especially when compared to typing (or form filling) on smartphones. BigHand’s intuitive interface makes it easy for professionals to quickly generate a draft document or task and route/prioritise it so that it can be processed by those with the appropriate skills – without the need to teach your professionals to touch-type!

Once the task has been raised, BigHand offers you the ability to track progress using the desktop or web based software or a smartphone client; allowing you to see not only when a task is picked up but who is working on it at any given time.

Commercial Benefits of Digital Dictation

Increased productivity: we can speak quicker than we can type, this means that our dictation software enables professionals to get their work completed quicker than if they typed it themselves.

Streamline your work: our software enables a regular flow of work and enables work to be tracked, assigned, edited and approved. Our processes ensure that all work is processed in the right format, improving clarity and efficiency.

Better use of resources: by using our software suite, professionals are able to manage workloads better, have more time for billable work and, due to the regular flow of workloads (rather than waiting for tapes to be distributed), support staff can manage their time better and complete work more efficiently.

Return on Investment: we want all of our customers to get a return on investment from our software. We will look at your current systems and requirements and build a business case, outlining the financial and resourcing benefits you could achieve by implementing our solutions.

Long term investment: we continually work to improve our dictation software. We monitor the changes and future needs of our clients and ensure our software is equipped to support these. By investing in BigHand you are investing in a supplier that cares about your success, will support your needs and will enable you to improve your productivity.

Competitive Advantage: using our technology and maximising resources gives our clients a competitive advantage over those who do not.

Information for Authors

Our software is easy to use, secure and reliable.

We provide professionals with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for creating dictations. Authors have a choice to send their work to support staff for transcription, to a Speech Recognition engine for automatically converting to text, to an outsourcing agency, or to whichever step is next in the document production process – this is all performed in one integrated system.

The Author interface is designed to streamline and automate document production and workflow processes, and therefore increase productivity, whilst providing visibility of the progress of work and who is working on your tasks.

The Author interface has intuitive menus, a simple layout and easily identifiable functionality and controls, allowing you to quickly start using BigHand with little effort.

Our software can be controlled using keyboard, mouse or handheld microphone. The Recorder is extremely easy to use and allows the user to quickly set priorities, workflow destinations, profiles and password-protection. The attach a link or file functionality makes it easy to retrieve and work on your documents.

Key features:

  • Ability to launch new dictation from your dictation device or from the desktop client
  • Editing features include Insert/Overwrite mode, clipping of dictations and bookmarking
  • Advanced Profiling to allow for quick and accurate titling and visibility
  • Folders for Drafts, Outbox, Work In Progress, Completed and Deleted, and configurable departmental or team folders, for easier work management
  • Automatic routing of completed dictations to Completed Items
  • Real-time updates of files in your Work In Progress folder

Information for Assistants

The BigHand system empowers support staff and facilitates faster document turnaround, improved team-working and better task management.

Secretaries, assistants and typists can pick up dictations sent for processing, tasks sent for actioning, or documents sent for proof reading in the BigHand system. Tasks can easily be picked up and identified by the information displayed against them, and priorities are clearly shown against items.

Key features:

  • A task is marked as 'In progress' when an assistant is working on it, so that no one else picks the task up
  • Assistants mark dictations as complete for real-time status updates
  • Intuitive BigHand Player for easy playback of dictations
  • Floating time bar and bookmarks relating to the playback can be made visible on top of applications for ease of identification when transcribing
  • Audio controls include ability to change playback speed and tone control

Profile your tasks

Capture key information by using profiling tools

Both authors and assistants can use the profile form to capture configurable metadata such as Client Name, Matter number, Work Type, Task Type or Task Notes.

Profiling makes it is easier for both professionals and support staff to identify tasks, and manage and route work accordingly based on the information presented about the task. Work can even be automatically routed based on the profiling data.

Profiling can also integrate with Word. Users can create a Word document from the profile form which can be automatically populated with data from the form.

You can also profile your dictations from your smartphone or iPad to allow for enhanced visibility anytime, anywhere.

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