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Enabling our lawyers to dictate using their iPhone in and out of the office has not only eliminated hardware costs but has also reduced  document turnaround times by 30%, which has greatly increased productivity.  Our lawyers can’t speak highly enough about BigHand’s smartphone solution.  It’s an easy win for any law firm and ROI is easily realised within 3 months of the investment.

  Mark Lok, IT Manager, Norman Waterhouse Lawyers (Australia)

Digital dictation is part of our strategy to enable a more flexible, mobile, and collaborative workforce to improve efficiencies and increase staff productivity to better service our clients.  BigHand has all the features and functionality to achieve this.  It allows us to communication quicker internally, and provide correspondence back to ur client faster than ever before.  This is the value our clients are looking for.

   John Kenton, COO, Corrs Chambers Westgarth (Australia)

Flexible working is a must for the legal practice, because a lot of lawyers and support staff are spending their time outside of the office. Therefore, we recently have deployed the voice productivity software from BigHand combined with the dictation hardware from Philips.

  Mr. J. Zweers, Dirkzwager Advocaten & Notarissen

The voice productivity software from BigHand gives the lawyers and the support staff the opportunity to work everywhere, anytime, so documents can be produced much faster. Flexibility is the biggest advantage we’re experiencing.

  Mr. O. van Haperen, Kneppelhout & Korthals N.V.

The main reason we went with BigHand is the positive feedback we received from other law firms canvassed before we signed, the ease and general intuitiveness of the interface and the flexibility of the platform as a whole.  It can be used in so many ways!

  James Harrison, Head of IT, Leigh Day

Since we started using speech recognition our fee earner head count has gone up around -10 - 15% and there has been no increase in secretarial support.

  Lee Hanley, IT Director, Charles Russell

Our move from analogue to a digital solution certainly delivered major efficiency benefits for the business; it minimised the ongoing costs of tape-based systems, reduced the risks of misplacing dictations and increased secretarial productivity.

  Nick Wright, IT Manager, Page White and Farrer


Since deploying BigHand across nephrology and transplantation several years ago we have seen a huge change in letters and other dictation handled in the department, and this has been universally for the better. Clinical dictation is uploaded to the secretaries on a patient by patient basis rather than being sent in batches via tape. The secretarial staff can now share the work around, improving demand management. 

   Dr Cormac Breen, Consultant Nephrologist and Clinical Lead at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Our clinicians spend a lot of time providing care in various community settings across the county. We recognised the need for a system that would allow them to send their notes instantly from wherever they were, without having to return to base. With BigHand this is now achievable and we have not only seen significant time savings and decreased turnaround time, but now have 100% control over security and where our notes are at all times without the worry of them becoming lost or accidently deleted.

  James Pryke-Walker, Project Manager, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

It’s a significant step forward, enabling us to increase efficiency and reduce turnaround times.  To be able to get speech recognition up and running for so many people in such a short space of time is very impressive and speaks volumes for the commitment and level of service we have received from the BigHand team.

  Lee Ranson, Managing Partner, Eversheds (London)

We looked at each of the key players, including our current provider at the time, and drew up a comparison based on cost, technical features and how future-proof each system would be. Although both BigHand and our previous supplier were very engaged - BigHand won hands down. 

  Darrell Burnell, Programme Manager, Keoghs (London)

BigHand Analytics has given us the visibility to assess each office’s administration requirements to better allocate resources. Granular reports are produced in BigHand to indicate where and when the most support is required and where the busy transcription hours of the day are. This helps us better manage the peaks troughs and more effectively utilise our two typing pools. 

  Sue Symons, Beers LLP, Office Manager (London)

BigHand means we have a stronger overall infrastructure that makes it easier to produce a consistent quality of documentation...the firm has realized a complete return-on-investment within three months of rolling out the product.

   Terry Farmer, Managing Partner, Bamberger, Foreman, Oswald, and Hahn, LLP