Enhance your working practices with our additional modules

We offer a range of optional modules and platforms which can enhance your working practices, offer extra resource and deliver further cost and efficiency savings without the need to change your current workflow.

These additional modules can interoperate with your current task management processes, document production system and internal infrastructure, making any transition a seamless one

Outsourcing Module

For many firms looking to expand or simply handle larger volumes of work without expanding in-house capacity, Outsourced Transcription is a quick, effective solution.

Our Outsourcing Module seamlessly integrates with third-party transcription agencies, allowing dictations to be manually assigned to an external support resource or automatically re-routed there using workflow rules.

Our Outsourcing Partner Program has been established to offer you a choice of Accredited Partners that can accept work from a BigHand system, and may assist you when choosing your preferred agency.

Document Export Module

For many of our clients, the final step in a Digital Dictation workflow is to store the newly created document in their Document Management System. The Document Export module allows BigHand documents to be automatically exported, along with their metadata, so that they can be absorbed by a third party system – without the need for custom integration work.

The BigHand Document Export Module makes it possible to automatically export documents created through BigHand to a specified network location (and optionally convert them to PDF or RTF files), together with an XML file containing the metadata for each document if required.

Document Console

Document Approval prior to storage or distribution can frequently be a time-consuming process and cause avoidable bottlenecks in a workflow. The Document Console delivers quick, efficient approval or amendment abilities, eliminating the bottleneck and making the process a much more enjoyable one. The Document Console groups together all dictations that are awaiting your approval and displays the documents that are attached or linked to each dictation. You can quickly review and approve each set of documents, without having to open them in an external editor, and move the dictation to the next step in its workflow.

Terminal Server and VDI Environments

We pioneered digital dictation in Terminal Server environments in 2003 and were the first digital dictation supplier to provide support for digital dictation workflow software that could stream audio data in real-time between the terminal client and server in Citrix or Windows Terminal Services environments.

We originally offered support for BigHand in a Terminal Server environment in 2003. In fact, we were the pioneers in this area, being the first Digital Dictation vendor to offer real-time audio streaming in thin client environments. Our Citrix and Terminal Services support is critical to our success, and we make every effort to ensure that we keep up with developments in the area.

Currently over 250 of our customers use BigHand via server-based computing. Furthermore, we have the largest global implementation of a digital dictation system in a Citrix environment, supporting over 2,500 users.

BigHand can run in the following environments:

  • Citrix XenApp
  • Citrix XenDesktop (VDI)
  • Windows Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Services
  • VMWare View (conditional support)
For more information, contact us at +61 2 9231 8900
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